Dental Calculus

Cleaning of dental calculus

Dental calculus is a solid plague on the teeth. It is most commonly found on the lower front teeth on the inside and on the upper premolars and molars, as the salivary glands are located here. Dental calculus is caused by the dental plague formed half an hour after brushing the teeth. There are a lot of bacteria in the dental plague that persist in the mouth normally, and the calculus is being formed 7 days later.

Reasons that lead to dental calculus
– Rarely/ Irregular tooth brushing
– Foods high in sugar
– Drinking a large amount of coffee and soda during the day
– Smoking

Dental calculus can also occur in patients who regularly clean their teeth, but their saliva is thicker and salivary secretion is reduced. Dental calculus contains many bacteria that affect the tooth, soften it and making it more prone to caries. Bacteria also affect on the gingiva so that it causes inflammation (gingivitis), which, if not removed, can progress to inflammation of the supporting tooth (periodontitis). Dental calculus cleaning can be done manually with special instruments and machine, with Ultrasound. After cleaning, it is advisable to polish the teeth with a special paste and brush, which will restore the shiny teeth. Dental calculus should be cleaned once or twice a year, and in patients with advanced periodontal disease even more often.

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