Oral implantology is a branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosing and placement dental implants, to restore the appearance, function, aesthetics, speaking, phonation (comfort) on totally or partially toothless patients.

Dental implants are titanium constructions attached in the jaw bone and are replacing the missing tooth. They can be implanted in the upper or in the lower jaw and in particular time (3-4 months) strong bond is formed between the jaw and the implant.

Titanium is the material from which the implants are made. It is totally bioactive, which practically means that it is not being recognized as a foreign body and thusthere is no possibility for its rejection.

Dental implant contains 3 parts:

  • Titanium part implanted in the jawbone.
  • Abutment, that screws to the implant itself.
  • Dental crown, attached to the abutment.

Dental implants offer many advantages compared to the other possibilities of replacing the tooth. Except that they look like a natural tooth, the implants change the natural teeth without sacrificing the adjacent teeth. The implants placing procedure lasts 3-4 months. The titanium implant is applied in the place of extracted tooth. After 3 months of waiting for osteo-integration of the implant gingival former is being put. One week later abutment is being placed, and on top of it, the dental crown.

In which cases are the dental implants being placed?

1.When you have a tooth deficiency and the surrounding teeth are healthy or with small tooth fillings (seals) implant placement is the ideal solution. In such cases the need for scraping of adjacent teeth and making ceramic bridges is avoided.

2. Dental implants in the absence of more teeth in one jaw. Placing 2 or more implants in a toothless area creates a good foundation for bridges, which very successfully eliminates the need for artificial jaws.

3. Dental implants in the absence of all teeth in the jaw. By placing 6 implants in one jaw, you can build a fixed bridge construction to avoid the discomforts of wearing a total mobile denture.

4. Placing 4 mini implants in a toothless jaw and then attaching a total mobile prosthesis to the implants, with greater firmness and stability.

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